Faculty and Staff

Current Open Positions

UMCS Leadership and Operations

Primary Faculty

  • Christina Lindvay, Lead Montessori Teacher in Dolphin
  • Freedom Reign, Support Teacher in Dolphin
  • Kristin Burke, Lead Montessori Teacher in Hummingbird
  • Marquita Carter, Support Teacher in Hummingbird

Lower Elementary Faculty

  • Barry Turner, Lead Montessori Teacher in CA Poppy
  • Denisse Ponce, Support Teacher in CA Poppy
  • Lisa Gonzales, Lead Montessori Teacher in Leopard Lily
  • Laura Esparza, Support Teacher in Leopard Lily
  • Tiarra Knox, Lead Montessori Teacher in Lupine
  • David Harris, Support Teacher in Lupine
  • Margarita Acosta, Lead Montessori Teacher in Sage
  • Jennifer Khadir, Support Teacher in Sage
  • Ana Carrasco, Lead Montessori Teacher in Sunflower
  • Julia Preston, Support Teacher in Sunflower
  • Gilberto Parada, Lead Montessori Teacher in Tidy Tips
  • Menen Stroud, Support Teacher in Tidy Tips 

Upper Elementary Faculty

  • Nate Kendall, Lead Montessori Teacher in Juniper
  • Adrian Cabral, Support Teacher in Juniper 
  • Nicole Cozart, Lead Montessori Teacher in Redwood
  • Evan Fortin, Support Teacher in Redwood
  • Briah Luther, Lead Montessori Teacher in Sequoia
  • Bill Price, Support Teacher in Sequoia
  • Emily Ahsoon, Lead Montessori Teacher in Manzanita
  • Sahar Miller, Support Teacher/Aid in Manzanita

Student Support Faculty

  • Kelley Gardner, Director of Special Education Programs
  • Kimberly Chism, Reading Specialist
  • Laurel Schwarzbach, Reading Specialist
  • Lauren Runkel, Speech Language Pathologist 
  • Nina Brilliant, Occupational Therapist
  • Adrianna Gluck, Academic Intervention Specialist
  • Jamie Wai, Student Support Assistant
  • Sahar Miller, Student Support Assistant

Music Faculty

  • Sahar Miller, Music Teacher
  • Oluyemi Thomas, Music Teacher

UMAC - Urban Montessori Afternoon Camp Faculty 

  • Sevan Boult, UMAC Director
  • Jermaine Gaines, UMAC team
  • Buck Bailey, UMAC team
  • Menen Stroud, UMAC team
  • Laura Esparza-Gonzalez, UMAC team
  • Trish Hunter, UMAC team
  • Benjamin Robinson, UMAC team
  • Esau Huerta-Morales, UMAC team
  • Nafi Thompson, UMAC team 
  • Liz Weaver, UMAC team
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