Montessori Apps for Kids?

Montessori is necessarily a hands-on, physical manipulatives, real-life-experience-based educational practice.

The thought of "an app for that" does seem contradictory.

However, if adults and kids want an opportunity to explore Montessori principals on a touch screen, these links are a good starting point for activities that would support the learning that takes place at school.

While some may have better physical interaction and responsiveness than others, there are many high-quality learning apps for all devices that encourage multi-sensory experiences, and self-directed and independent play. 

The majority of these apps complement what happens in the classroom — except for the My Playhome series. My Playhome encourages fantasy play which is not usually incorporated into a Montessori elementary curriculum. That said, the series is great for encouraging co-play and narrative skills for kindergarteners and parents together. 

The Reading Rainbow subscription, also linked below, is a great way to supplement instruction for struggling and emerging readers. Kids LOVE this app. Invest in the subscription: it's cheaper than buying three books at the store and you receive books all-year-round.

 Learning Apps that Compliment Montessori Education — for Kindle and Android Devices: 

  1. Scribblenauts Remix
  2. Endless Alphabet
  3. Motion Math Hungry Fish (This one is particularly compatible with Montessori)
  4. Stack the States
  5. Math Bingo
  6. Reading Rainbow
  7. My Playhome
  8. My Playhome Stores
  9. iLuv Drawing Animals
  10. Dragonbox Algebra 5+

More Information and Resources for Educational Touch Screen Device Apps:

Review of a New Math-Learning Game App, Wuzzit Trouble, Developed by a Team that Included UMCS Parents:

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