Public Data

There are multiple data platforms the public can access to "triangulate" our areas of success and areas for improvement. Often times, the same information or data is accessible in multiple platforms.

  • CA School Dashboard Results: 2018, 2017
  • California Office to Reform Education CORE (select Urban Montessori under District)
    • We are the first public charter school in CORE to make our data available to the public.
    • CORE builds on the CA Dashboard with "Growth," "Indices," and some survey results.
  • California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress results.
  • Oakland Public School Report Card Comparisons: for K-8 schools (or start at ousddata.org for even more options)
  • DataQuest (select "School" as the "Level", then what the data you want to view, then search for "Urban Montessori")
    • ELPAC results are currently only viewable within DataQuest, but will added to the 2019 CA Dashboard.