Amethyst Classroom

John Harbo

Lisa Gonzales

John Harbo - Mr. Harbo is thrilled to continue his tenth year of teaching. This is his first with UMCS, so he brings a wealth of educational experience to share with Amethyst. Achieving a B.A. with honors in Communication Studies, and a minor in Philosophy from San Francisco State University wasn't enough for John. He went on to pursue his master's degree in Educational Technology & Curriculum Design at Concordia University at Irvine. Teaching math & science to middle schoolers is no walk in the park; it is a professional passion for Mr. Harbo. He has dedicated his vocational abilities toward leveling the playing field of the STEM workforce so that a more equitable & diverse field of mathematicians & scientists may be represented.

Lisa GonzalesTeacher Lisa has been with UMCS since 2012 and is a founding teacher. Lisa has served as both a Support and Lead teacher in various classrooms. Lisa started her public school journey in kindergarten in Southern California and continued to her days as a banana slug at UC Santa Cruz earning a B.A. in Feminist Studies. She also holds a Multiple Subject California Credential and a Montessori Credential for ages 6-9. Outside of school, Lisa is a mom and always excited for the next delicious meal.



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