Hummingbird Classroom

Chelle Davis - Lead Teacher

Destiney Chavez - Support Teacher

Ms Chelle is originally from McAlester, Oklahoma. She has served in the Oklahoma and Louisiana National Guard. She loves adventure, hiking, sports, concerts, and comedy. She has always had a love for teaching young children as this is the age where you set the foundation. She fell in love with Montessori Education when she moved to California. She has been teaching for 25 years with 20 of those years in Montessori Education. This is her fourth year at UMCS. She is a mother of two, ages 22 and 25.

Ms. Destiney (she/her) is originally from Oakland but grew up in Mexico at a very young age. She began working with children by the time she was in highschool. Started in a internship, Oakland Leaf (LCS) in which she worked with elementary school children for four years. She started working at UMCS as an after school leader and is now currently working as a support teacher for the hummingbird classroom. When not working, she loves to spend time with her family, doing art and going out to explore.

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