Operations Team

Rosibel Dubon, Site Coordinator
(Ms. Rosi)

Buck Bailey, Operations Coordinator
(Mr. Buck)

Iris Helm-Hernandez, Site Coordinator
(they, she)

Lorri Garrett, Assistant Site Coordinator
(Ms. Lorri)

Marcos Mendoza, Custodial
(Mr. Marcos)


Ms. Rosi was raised in Oakland. Rosi started UMCS  as an aftercare instructor in 2017. She joined the operation team in 2019 and is excited to be part of the operation team. She is happy to work with UMCS families. When she is not at work she loves to collect crystals and binge on her favorite anime shows.

Buck is an art and technology geek who has been working in IT support for non-profits and artists for over ten years. He joined Urban Montessori through the aftercare program and is excited to be on the ops team! Buck also collects music, and Transformers & Pac-Man-related artwork.

Iris started their educational career in afterschool programming and then moved on to work as an aide within the classroom, a personal tutor, and a mentor to students ages 5-18. She joined Urban Montessori in 2022 and is excited to be working on the operations side of things this time around. They are passionate about being a positive adult influence in the lives of young scholars.

Ms. Lorri has worked at UMCS since 2018 in Sunflower, CA Poppy and Juniper as a Support Teacher. She is now part of the Operations Team managing the front desk, State Testing, and Social Media. She also organizes library and garden volunteers. Before UMCS she worked as an Outdoor Learning Teacher in Alameda teaching science, gardening, and cooking.


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