UMCS Special Meeting of the Board of Directors - Sunday, April 19th from 1pm - 5pm (Board Retreat)

The UMCS Board of Directors will hold a special meeting on April 19 from 1 - 5pm at 54 Washington Street, Oakland CA, 94607 (readily accessible via public transit, lots of street parking, building accessible).  This meeting will be largely focused on deepening the Board's understanding and readiness to support the LCAP and Budget-setting process. These processes are lengthy and require board members to take in a lot of context, and the extended time afforded by this meeting will ensure that we're on the same page and can all support the process on equal footing.

We will also take part in an activity to help us reflect on the history of UMCS and our unique commitments to the school based on our perspectives on Montessori education and educational equity.  

Further, fundraising for the current year has experienced some real wins and we will debrief these while looking ahead to the rest of the school year and beyond by considering a longer-term fundraising approach.  

And finally, our board level committees will spend time meeting to discuss their collective goals and strategies.

We actively encourage members of the Urban community to join us for this event and we look forward to hearing the voices of community members through public comment.  Please don't hesitate to reach out to our Board Chair if you have questions - [email protected].