Invest in Our Changemakers

Our 2018 Fall Campaign Fundraiser is our first major fundraiser of the school year and our goal is to raise $30,000 towards our schools general operating expenses. All proceeds support Oakland's only public Montessori school, bringing Montessori education, arts integration, and design thinking to Oakland's diverse community. This year's Board-approved budget calls for spending up to $25,000 in core Montessori materials, $10,000 in other instructional materials, $4,000 in art and music supplies, and $20,000 in computers and other technology -- just to name a few of the ways your donation goes to support our school. We can't do this without you!

The Fall Campaign is an opportunity for every UMCS family to donate at a level meaningful to them, from $1 all the way to $25,000 or higher! To help put your donation in context, with an estimated 475 students (enrollments change!), we need an average donation of $64 per student to hit our goal. Every $100 donation, therefore, supports not just your own student, but also a family who may be unable to donate at this time.


Have more/better ideas on how the Parent Fundraising Committee can do our work? Don't be shy! Please help! Attend our meetings (on the school calendar). You can email us umcs-fundraising@googlegroups.com.