COVID-19 Updates

Urban Montessori Charter School is prioritizing a healthy, safe, in-person school experience for all students in 2021-2022.



Schools must complete and post a COVID-19 Safety plan (CSP) to their website homepage before reopening for in-person instruction. The CSP consists of two parts:

More information:

 Since April 29, 2022

  • Positive cases: 1
  • Classrooms starting Modified Quarantine: 1
  • Classrooms starting Quarantine: 0

 Since August 16th, 2021

  • Positive Cases: 42
  • Classrooms impacted: 10

In addition, we identified 8 staff + student positive cases just prior to students returning from Winter Break.

*Positive cases this week may include any of the prior week’s presumed cases confirmed after Friday.