Otter Classroom

Daijah Young, Co - Lead Teacher

Gabriela Varela, Co - Lead Teacher

Daijah is an Oakland native who loves to bring her creativity and energy into the classroom. In high school, Daijah discovered her passion for early childhood development and carried that with her through college. She moved to Los Angeles to pursue her college education. In 2018 she began her career working in preschools as a teacher's assistant throughout LAUSD. Since then Daijah has worked with a wide range of ages, both at home and in the classroom. Daijah is an artist at heart and loves to create. During her free time, she enjoys hanging out with her two bunnies and painting her favorite cartoon characters.

Ms. Gabi (she/her), is originally from Argentina, and she has been living around the Bay Area for nine years now. She has been working in different Montessori Schools as a support teacher for over six years, this is her first year as a co-lead. She is half way through her Montessori Primary training. In her free time she enjoys live music, comedy, hiking and being around friends.

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