Walkathon Info


Join us for the 3rd Annual UMCS Walkathon!

Saturday, May 6th

9am - 3pm

Registration opens at 9am and closes at 2:00.

Why Walk?

We continue to work towards meeting our fundraising goals and fill the gap between our public funding and the actual costs to run our amazing program. In the spirit of the Montessori method, our students will be leading the charge by walking laps around our campus to fill this funding gap.  The Walkathon is a great event for the UMCS Community and we will get to enjoy the Spring Arts Festival, Crafts Tent, Bake Sale,  and a Barefoot Books Book Faire as well!  Younger siblings (ages 3 and up) can also participate!

How it Works

  1. Participants gather pledges by finding sponsors to donate a flat donation, or a per lap donation.  A recommended minimum $5 pledge is requested to participate.  Every dollar counts!

  2. Bring your Pledge Card to register at the event, or provide the name used to register online.  Participants will get a Lap Card.

  3. Get moving and walk laps around the UMCS campus and/or complete the obstacle course!  

  4. When your legs can walk no more, turn in your Lap Cards at the check-out table. The number of laps will be recorded and Pledge Cards are returned so you can show sponsors how many laps were walked in order to collect pledges.   Pledged donations can be turned in on May 6th at the Walkathon, or turned in at the UMCS Office by May 31st.

2 Ways to Gather Pledges

Online Pledge

Register at: https://99pledges.com/fund/umcswalkathon17/addme and fill out the online form to submit a student participant. This will generate a web page for the participant - you can share with friends, family and neighbors and they sponsor directly with a credit card.  After the event the number of laps walked will be entered and then the donations will be calculated, credit cards charged and email receipt sent.

Paper Pledge

Pick up a paper pledge form in the school office or download from here!  Gather pledges by finding sponsors, and enter information on the pledge form.  Bring the pledge form to the Walkathon event on May 6th. After the event the number of laps walked will be recorded and handed back to use to show sponsors and gather funds.

Please bring a water bottle, sunscreen, wear hats and wear good walking shoes and a UMCS t-shirt if you have one.  If not, they will be for sale at the Walkathon.  Families are encouraged to bring picnic lunches, chairs and sun umbrellas and cheer on the walkers!


The Walkathon needs volunteers from the parent community.  Please sign-up!

Questions?  Email or call Isa Stamos at [email protected] or 510-409-2868.