Like all California public schools, Urban Montessori depends on your financial support and enthusiasm. Our school has three big fundraisers each year: the fall 100 Days Campaign, the spring auction and the student-centered walk-a-thon. Please take the time to think about how you can get involved! 

1. Attendance

Send your child/children to school every day! State funding for California public schools is largely driven by “Average Daily Attendance,” or ADA. If a student is absent--for whatever reason--UMCS loses $60 per student that day. Beyond the academic and social benefits, strong attendance makes a positive impact on our school’s budget!

2. 100 Days Campaign

Our fall fundraiser is the 100 Days Campaign, during which each family is encouraged to make a taxdeductible financial contribution to UMCS for an amount meaningful for your family. The Campaign ends Friday, December 2--100 Days from the first day of school. Our goal this fall is to raise $45,000 with 100 percent family participation. Whether your family contributes $1, $10, $100 or $1,000, every donation counts!

3. Wear a UMCS T-shirt

UMCS T-shirts are a great way to support our school and promote greater awareness of UMCS across Oakland. Students love to wear them, and they are included as part of our school’s dress code. T-shirts are available in youth and adult sizes.

4. Spring Auction (Laughs for Learning)

Identify favorite local restaurants, family experiences, and summer camps that you can ask to donate to our Spring 2017 on-line auction! Consider other ways you can help: pick up donated items, e-mail donors, host a pay-to-play party for children or adults, make posters.  See what we had lined up for 2016.

5. Walk-a-thon

Plan to participate in the annual walk-a-thon, typically held in late spring! The walk-a-thon is a day filled with exercise, fun with friends, community support, art and music. It has been a strong fundraiser and is a great way for students to actively support their school.

6. Friday Coffee

On Friday mornings after drop-off, come to the Montessori Mixer! Coffee is $1 and it’s a great, informal way to meet other parents and caregivers.

7. Join the Fundraising Team

We are parent volunteers focused on raising money for UMCS and having fun while doing so. There are many ways to get involved. From spending a few hours on a project to leading an event, all help is welcome! There are plenty of ways to volunteer outside of school hours too! Send an email to umcs-fundraising@googlegroups.com to join our Google group.



Shop on Amazon? Be sure to use Amazon Smile and designate Urban Montessori Charter School as your charity. It just takes one click to set up, and you'll see Supporting: Urban Montessori whenever you use Amazon Smile going forward. The school gets a small percentage of every transaction. Go to https://smile.amazon.com. Be sure to tell family and friends!





You are also welcome to make a cash donation.

Click here to make a one-time donation.

Click here to make a recurring (monthly) donation through the end of the school year.


Download this handy flyer that outlines the various ways that you can support fundraising at Urban Montessori. 

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