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  • published What does the FAC do? in FAC - FAQ 2016-09-20 22:39:24 -0700

    What does the FAC do?

    • There are two board seats reserved for the FAC. Through the FAC, this provides the parent and caregiver community both the right and the responsibility to oversee the operation and direction of the school.
    • The FAC hosts classroom meetings with teachers to provide opportunities for class-level dialogue and foster classroom community.
    • The FAC meets monthly as a body to discuss school-wide issues and policy, raised from the community and from the administration. Past topics addressed by the FAC include:
      • Budget priorities.
      • School discipline policy.
      • Report cards and parent teach conferences.

    Please note that although you may reach out to your FAC representative for any reason, issues concerning individual student and family situations should generally be raised to the classroom teacher or school administration.