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    Oakland Montessori Teacher Residency

    Montessori education is a powerful, inherently differentiated model that supports students from diverse racial, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds, and with varying needs, all over the world. At UMCS we believe that Montessori education should be accessible to every student. UMCS is part of a growing movement to bring Montessori pedagogy to public education, removing barriers to accessing this approach. Public Montessori education expanded rapidly over the past several decades, with approximately 570 public Montessori schools in the United States. However, public schools still comprise fewer than 20% of all Montessori schools in the US.  

    Hand in hand with our support of removing barriers for students to access Montessori education is our mission to reduce barriers to teachers accessing Montessori teacher training and certification. Montessori certificates require an investment of time and money that makes them difficult to access. Our students are best served by having teachers in the classroom who reflect the diversity of our student body, and we strive to recruit and support a racially, culturally, and economically diverse staff. In hiring practices, UMCS supports promoting from within, providing training and mentoring for staff in support roles, such as our aftercare program and classroom support staff, to obtain their California teaching credential and Montessori certificate in order to secure Lead teacher roles. From its earliest years, UMCS supported the professional development of our staff by subsidizing training programs that allow our teachers to achieve higher levels of credentials.  UMCS has supported five staff members who have obtained their Montessori credentials. 

    Last year, UMCS launched the inaugural cohort of the Oakland Montessori Teacher Residency, an initiative developed to create Lead Teachers ready to serve in public Montessori classrooms. The training includes three summer intensives, along with coaching and additional meetings throughout the school year. This training was designed to offer more than just the traditional Montessori training, also including added equity work with organizations like Embracing Equity and attending the Montessori for Social Justice conference. After successful completion of the program, participants will receive their Montessori credential. In its inaugural cohort, six existing UMCS staff members accepted their invitation -- each of whom identifies as a member of the Global Majority. All six are currently Lead teachers in classrooms at the school. Funding is provided through the UMCS budget. 

    For more information, please reach out to [email protected].

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  • Expanded Learning Opportunity Program (aftercare)

    Melody Washington, Director of Expanded Learning


    Melody has been developing and managing engaging enrichment programs in the youth development field for over 20 years. Having an abundance of experience working with grants and school districts, Melody joined Urban Montessori in 2022 to build an in house Expanded Learning (after school) program. She brings with her a creative spirit, nurtured by a degree in Dramatic Arts and six years of television production experience, and her passion to provide experiences that enrich and enhance the lives and education of children. Her passions outside of work are music, writing, and dancing.

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    Physical Education

    Steven Manzo - PE Teacher

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    Expanded Learning Program (after school)

    Summer Program 2024 Sign up here: Summer Camp Sign up
    Programa de Verano 2024 Inscríbete aquí: Inscríbete Campamento de Verano
    The Expanded Learning Opportunities Program provides funding for afterschool and summer school enrichment programs with a focus on local educational agencies (LEAs) with the highest concentration of targeted disadvantaged students (English learners and students categorically eligible for free or reduced-price meals). Find UMCS' ELOP plan Here

    Please contact Director of Expanded Learning, Melody Washington, with any questions. [email protected] and (510) 225-9075.


    At UMCS, ELO-P extends each school day to 6pm. We will have a spot for everyone. 

    All families must fill out the Free/reduced lunch application especially if you would like to see if your student(s) can attend for no cost or reduced cost. Please complete and return the application to [email protected], or drop off/mail to the school. If your child is an English Learner or if you would like to register a foster or homeless child, they may attend for free. There is a $65 annual registration fee for those who are not eligible to attend for free. We provide a snack for all participating students, and you are welcome to send a snack with your student(s) if you prefer.


    Additional Details:

    • Please let your children and their teachers know if they are staying after school, especially TK & K students.
    • Pick up:
      • Please pick up at the Mango gate. It will be locked, so please call (510) 225-9075 when you arrive or are on your way to pick up and we will bring your child/children to the gate.
      • Please pick up by 6 pm or you will be charged $2 for every minute you are late.
      • Please sign up for the "Brightwheel Parent Portal." Brightwheel assigns you a code to sign out. 
    • Invoices:
      • Invoices are sent from the Brightwheel app. Please register on the Brightwheel Parent Portal to choose a payment method and pay invoices.
      • There is a $65 registration fee that must be paid prior to the first day of program. Invoices for the registration fee will be sent digitally through the Brightwheel Parent Portal.
      • Monthly invoices will come at the end of the month and will be due by the 15th of the following month. Unpaid invoices after the 15th incur a 10% late fee.
      • Families on the 3 days per week plan who consistently attend more than 3 days per week, will be asked to change to the 5 days per week plan.
      • Drama and Chess and all other 3rd party programs will require an extra fee unless your family qualifies for free lunch. If your student(s) only want to attend these classes and not the after school program, the fee will be slightly higher.  

    Sliding scale income levels are below:

    Sliding Scale by % of Median Income 2 Persons in household 3 Persons in household 4 persons in household 5 persons in household 6 persons in household 7 persons in household 8 persons in household 9 persons in household
    Free & Reduced $0 per month $0- 25,636 $0-$32318 $0-$39000 $0-$45,682 $0-$52,364 $0-$59,046 $0-65,728 $0-$72410
    40% $ 25,636-$98000 32318-$110250 $39000-$122500 $45,682-$132300 $52,364-$142100 $59,046-$146,051 $65,728-$161650 $103046-$171500
    60% $98001-$172950 $110251-$194550 $122501-$216150 $132301-$233500 $142101-$250750 $146,052-$268050 $155,451-$285300 $164852-$302650
    Full Price $172,951 and up $194,551 and up $216,1561 and up $233501 and up $250751 and up $268051 and up $285301 and up $302651 and up

    Find Expanded Learning Fees here

    Please contact Director of Expanded Learning, Melody Washington, with any questions. [email protected] and (510) 225-9075.



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    UMCS MOVEathon

    Sábado, 13 de mayo de 2023  |  Saturday, May 13th, 2023

    10am - 2pm

    ¡Un ambiente seguro y divertido de "Feria de primavera" para todas las familias!

    A safe, "Spring Fair" atmosphere of fun for all families!

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    Board Member Recruitment


    Urban Montessori Charter School seeks experienced leaders to serve on its Board of Directors. The best way to learn more, to demonstrate interest, and to get started being considered for Board Membership is by attending meetings and constructively participating as a member of the public. Our success requires equitable voices and representation, particularly the voices of people who are Black, Latinx, Indigenous, Asian, English learners, and those who are neurodivergent. We need your leadership and capacity.

    Board Responsibilities

    The Board is responsible for establishing broad policies and overseeing high-level decisions that affect the school, including:

    • Adopting policies to ensure that the school is run effectively, legally, and ethically;
    • Hiring, overseeing, evaluating, and supporting the Head of School;
    • Monitoring the operational budget and finances for long-term viability;
    • Setting policies and approving documents as required by state or federal law; and
    • Seeing that adequate funds are secured for the operating and capital needs of the school.


    • Prepare for and attend 10-12 regular evening board meetings each year, as well as one full-day Board retreat, scheduled committee meetings, and important school events;
    • Be available by phone or email as needed; respond to calls and emails in a timely manner;
    • Participate on at least one Board committee;
    • Share updated resume to be shared at a public Board meeting with address/phone number redacted;
    • Sign our Statement of Agreement;
    • Complete annual Form 700 Statement of Economic Interest (CA legal requirement)
    • Get Live Scanned (finger-printed), instructions on doing so come later from UMCS;
    • Complete annual Brown Act and Conflict of Interest training (CA legal requirement) and UMCS helps identify these training opportunities.


    • Leadership experience with a proven track record of results, ideally in an entrepreneurial environment
    • Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability and inclination to work collaboratively with individuals from a variety of backgrounds
    • Commitment to and interest in Montessori education in a public school
    • Strong verbal and written communication skills

    Experience preferred

    We are especially seeking individuals with any of the following areas of expertise:

    • Real estate acquisition and development, including project financing
    • Law
    • Public Relations: marketing, working with the media

    In addition, we also need people with experience in:

    • Fundraising for not-for-profit organizations
    • Accounting and finance
    • Designing, delivering, and evaluating an academically rigorous education program, including curriculum, pedagogy, and assessments
    • Attracting, developing, and retaining educators

    Resources for current and prospective Board Members

    For more information: contact Sarah Morrill, Board Chair [email protected]

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    READathon @ UMCS! FALL 2023!

    Our mission with the READathon is to create a joy for reading, support school-wide literacy efforts, and raise funds for our school. Our primary goal is to engage every student; even if you cannot raise funds for the school, please have your student log the minutes they read!

    You and your student will receive an email with information on how to access and customize your student’s personalized Read-a-Thon page! You can share this link with friends and family to help support our school. Donors can either make a flat donation or pledge an amount per minute read.

    Details are here in ParentSquare (log-in required)


    All funds raised through events like these go directly to our general fund, to support our staff and our students wherever it is most needed.

    Please reach out to the Fundraising Committee at [email protected] if you have any questions or comments.



    READathon @ UMCS! ¡OTOÑO 2023!

    Nuestra misión con READathon es crear alegría por la lectura, apoyar los esfuerzos de alfabetización en toda la escuela y recaudar fondos para nuestra escuela. Nuestro objetivo principal es involucrar a cada estudiante; incluso si no puede recaudar fondos para la escuela, ¡haga que su estudiante registre los minutos que leyeron!

    ¡Usted y su estudiante recibirán un correo electrónico con información sobre cómo acceder y personalizar la página personalizada de Read-a-Thon de su estudiante! Puede compartir este enlace con amigos y familiares para ayudar a apoyar a nuestra escuela. Los donantes pueden hacer una donación fija o comprometer una cantidad por minuto de lectura.

    Los detalles están aquí en ParentSquare (se requiere iniciar sesión)

    Todos los fondos recaudados a través de eventos como estos van directamente a nuestro fondo general, para apoyar a nuestro personal y a nuestros estudiantes donde sea que más se necesite.

    Comuníquese con el Comité de recaudación de fondos en [email protected] si tiene alguna pregunta o comentario.

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    Debido a la muerte en la familia de un miembro del consejo, no habrá quórum presente. El público sigue invitado. No se tomará ninguna acción. Esta ya no será una reunión oficial del Comité de Finanzas. Las actualizaciones completas todavía se darán en la reunión de la Junta Ordinaria de la próxima semana.