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    Tree Grant

    Urban Montessori has secured one of eight total Growing Green Communities (GGC) grants in California administered by California Releaf and sponsored by PG&E. GGC is an urban forest incubator grant to engage new community-based organizations in tree-planting activities within PG&E’s five service regions. The program encourages community-based organizations to plant trees as a way to grow greener, stronger, and healthier neighborhoods, bringing many benefits,
    including cleaner air, cooler temperatures, and stronger social bonding. UMCS is adjacent to the 580 freeway and has no natural shade in its asphalt yard.

    Tree Planting Event:

    Saturday, March 25th, 2023

    9 am: Volunteer Training led by 100k Trees for Humanity
    9:30-12 pm: 25+ staff & volunteers plant 30 trees at UMCS
    12-1 pm: Ribbon cutting/address by TBD City of Oakland leadership
    1-4 pm: UMCS annual community plant and bake sale (open to the public)


    Urban Montessori Charter School
    4551 Steele Street
    Oakland, CA 94619

    WHO: Educators, staff, parents & students of Urban Montessori Charter School will work together with community activists & educators from 100k Trees for
    Humanity to plant a variety of trees. UMCS will work with the community partners to develop & deliver relevant TK-8 curricula.


    More Information - Instagram #UMCSOakland or Facebook #UrbanMontessori

    To sign up visit: https://forms.gle/9fzJcdyJ1s3Si733A